What is StexFSynergy?


StexFSynergy is an online social platform and unique group of companies that support small charities, nonprofit organisations and social enterprises to become sustainable and have the Social Impact they are striving for. We connect them together with businesses, to enable sharing of skills, expertise and strengths between each organisation to maximise the Impact and Social Benefit to the wider community.


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StexFSynergy connections chart

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Synergy is an online platform that we are developing to facilitate connections across Sectors and Individuals.

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Our Community is the perfect place to find, promote and accelerate Social Impact.

If you are an individual who wants to do good or a business owner who wants to promote social impact through your company’s culture or a corporate with an active CSR department or a charitable or nonprofit organisation looking for help and support…

Get involved and be happy with us and our community of amazing people and causes!

“As individuals we flourish, but it is within communities that we thrive!”