We are back…

So it’s been a while!

We are halfway through 2015 and a lot has been happening at StexFGiving. We have been working day and night on developing a lot of new and exciting things for you guys.

I thought it would be a good idea to focus on small charities in this week’s post. These are charities that are making a positive contribution to the society; however, their outreach is a lot lesser than major charities.

While running a charity can be one of the most enriching experiences, it is fair to say that the journey is not at all easy. Many efforts and contributions made by smaller charities often go unnoticed, so as a result, they find it difficult to raise funds and further expand their charity. A new research validates that small charities are lacking skills in vital areas such as lobbying, social media, and fundraising. One of the key lifelines of a charity is fundraising, and with demand for services rising in the UK, and public income declining, it is clear that fundraising is a necessity for charities to grow.

Something very exciting had been happening over the past week! The past week marked the annual Small Charity Week, which is a celebration of the incredible work being done by small charities. It also raises awareness of the contribution that these charities are making towards improving lives. This contribution often goes unnoticed or gets overshadowed by larger charities, but the efforts of these smaller charities towards making the world a better place is invaluable.

Filled with a variety of exciting events, the small charity week offers a platform for smaller charities to raise their profiles and expand the scale of their work. Each day focuses on a different aspect. The first day, also called the ‘I <3 Small Charities Day’ was focused on providing opportunities to spread the word about the work done by small charities. The following ‘Big Advice Day’ was significant as it allowed charities to gain free 1:1 guidance from experts about any issues or thoughts they had. The ‘Policy Day’ provided a platform for interaction between small charities and policy makers, so that the policy makers can understand the needs and challenges faced by them.

The final three days were a lot more activity-based. ‘Volunteering Day’ provided the opportunity for enthusiastic volunteers to find out and get involved with the charities that advocate issues they support. This was followed by a day dedicated to fundraising, helping charities to raise money for their cause. The final day, aptly called ‘Celebration Day’ included screen messages and various fun activities to wrap up the week.

We strongly believe that such events need to take place more frequently, so as to ensure that the small charities are successfully able to work towards their cause. Such events help charities gain guidance, raise funds, find volunteers, and most importantly, increase their outreach.