StexFSynergy is a community that supports small charities, nonprofit organisations and social enterprises to become sustainable and have the Social Impact they are striving for. We connect them together with businesses, to enable sharing of skills, expertise and strengths between each organisation to maximise the Impact and Social Benefit to the wider community.

StexF Theory of Change

At StexF we use a holistic approach to accelerate Social Change by facilitating connections, identifying opportunities, providing specialist resources and realising synergies between Businesses, Charities, Social Enterprises and non profit organisations to maximise Social Impact and Social Innovation.

Who we are


StexFComms is a business to business communication agency providing marketing and communication to corporate customers and SMEs. It also engages with them to promote Social Change and CSR activities.


StexFGiving specialises in Ethical Communication; as a hub of knowledge, expertise and resources enabling 3rd and  4th Sector organisations to achieve their vision through bespoke communication strategies.


StexFEthics is the Charitable Incorporated Organisation of StexFGiving working as a Trust and providing support to small and medium charities through funding and services to promote Social Impact and sustainability.