Mission Mexico: Time to say good-bye…

After almost 5 years of being a trustee in a small and amazing charity like Misión México UK, the time has come for me to say good-bye.

Being a trustee is an amazing and challenging experience at the same time. Even more so if the charity you are involved with is run by volunteers and works across 3 different continents with their own different cultures, laws and regulations, people perception, poor banking system and many other social problems that here in the UK we take for granted and can manage from a smartphone or a tablet.

Coordinating the effort and the resources necessary to give our kids a life, an education and most of all an opportunity has been a daunting task but nonetheless a pleasure and an inspiration. Looking at what the founders Pam and Alan Skuse have done in the last 16 years and what they have given back to these kids has been inspirational and is the reason why I decided to do something on my own now, to help all charities and good causes like MM.

It is good for a board of trustees to have a diversified set of skills and also to change every few years. Having been a mentor for a while now in the Charity Sector I like to think that I have fulfilled my assignment in the best way possible and by stepping down after quite a long time I am following protocol. There are nevertheless other reasons involved, as well.

In particular, there is a new chapter on the line and I am very excited and proud about it.


A charitable incorporated organisation (CIO) of my Social Enterprise (www.stexfgiving.org.uk) that I will Chair in a new business model where sustainability is everything and Social Innovation and Change are the driving forces behind it.

It’s sad to say goodbye to my friends on the board of MM and to the kids in Tapachula, but is not the end of the story, because what I am planning to do from now on is to support them even more…!

StexFGiving, StexFEthics, StexFComms and most of all StexFSynergy (www.stexfsynergy.org) are part of a groundbreaking set up where resources, expertise, finance and communication will be accessible to small and medium charities, non-profits and social enterprises via an online platform.

Please get in touch if you want to know more.

– See more at: http://stexfgiving.org.uk/blog/mision-mexico-good-bye.html#sthash.qrVqZtKc.dpuf