My first blog, our new agency

It’s a big week for our new agency, StexFGiving, and it’s a big week for me. We are on the cusp of launching something that I’ve been working on for some time: a social enterprise agency that will be a revolution for the third and fourth sectors. We’re going to give them the tools to shine and to be the best they can be, through a tailored and accessible communication solution.

It’s fair to say our launch will be the culmination of a lot of time, a lot of thought, quite a bit of money and a whole heap of inspiration. As founder, I saw a gap in the market, and I’ve been pursuing it for two years: that’s a long time to follow a dream and make it into reality.

I originally trained as an engineer, but always sustained a deep interest in graphic arts; this was what led me to found a successful advertising company in my home country of Italy. I can’t believe that was 20 years ago! In the time since I’ve consulted for a variety of B2B technology/research industries here in the UK, West and worldwide; managing all operational aspects of the businesses including marketing, sales, purchasing, customer services and finance.

More recently it’s been a real privilege to act as trustee for a fantastic charity called Mision Mexico. This also was a turning point as I began to realise that there are thousands of smaller charities who just don’t have the budget of the big ones, yet the work they do and the outcomes they achieve is nothing short of amazing.

So this was how the idea started to form for a new agency – what it could do and what it could look like. I’ve been on a steep learning curve, and it’s culminated in StexFGiving. We’ve built a new, sustainable organisation by drawing on the strengths and experience of the team who have the knowledge, and sense of humour to work on this start-up, still remotely at this point, and have the imagination to see that it can be a success.

Time will tell – this is just the beginning but right now the journey to bring a new, ethical organisation onto the market has started.