Something I don’t do often – open a new agency

What did I do this week? Well I launched a new agency. It’s not every week I get to say that, even though it’s something I’ve been working on for a couple of years.

As you can imagine, all the attention and focus for me, as well as the team, has been on launching StexFGiving, so it’s with a mix of relief and delight to say everything went to (well executed) plan. There was a small moment when the venue’s VGA lead didn’t quite seem to want to recognise my mac, but I think these things are somehow a universal requirement of IT.

I’m also really delighted to say that we met some fantastic new people, I hope in time to call them friends and clients.

Talking to people who represented small charities was part of the point of the evening, and a chance for them, too, to network with each other. We talked to people who covered causes ranging from working with young offenders through the use of mosaics; the poverty and injustice faced by children around the world; and a financial capability charity to help people keep on top of their money. This is why our agency exists: there are really amazing people who work incredibly hard in under-resourced charities and they have such massive passion and vision, and it’s our ambition to help them.

For us, our vision is now clearer and more tightly focused: we know who we are working with, and the next steps are to get some case studies on our website so we can more fully demonstrate what we can do.

The event venue itself was near Tower Bridge and was a great place: one of the features that attracted me to it was the Roman Wall (built circa AD 200) which can be seen right throughout the ground floor. I had a quiet moment where I got to thinking about how stable foundations last for generations, and I really hope we’ve started to build something that, ok, may not be around in a few thousand years but is going to be a really solid foundation for the future of StexFGiving.